• Created by: PayLoc Team
  • Completed on: June 12, 2017
  • Quick Feature: MIT Launch Easy Check In/Out

Project Info:

LaunchIn is the must-have check in/out app that every Launchie just has to have. LaunchIn allows for seamless and efficient communication between Launchies and counselors that makes checking out of Burton-Connor a breeze. Simply press a button, type in where you're headed, and you're done. The app then uses geofencing technology to ensure that you're where you're supposed to be when you check back in later. No more half-hour treks back to the dorms just to write your name down on a sheet or paper so you can go do something fun. LaunchIn has your back!

LaunchIn was commissioned by Laurie Stach, director of MIT Launch. After completing the app's main features overnight and refining it over the course of a week, MIT purchased the app for $500 from what would become the PayLoc Team: Christopher Lee, Johnny Wang, Zachary Shenkman, and Intel Chen.