• Created by: Christopher Lee
  • Completed on: Jan 28, 2017
  • Last Updated: September 2, 2017
  • Quick Feature: IoT Temp Sensor
  • Video: Link

Project Info:

IntelliFridge proactively monitors your freezer and refrigerator for optimal efficiency and indicates if there's a risk of spoilage or frost damage to your groceries. Additionally, if there's a power failure, it will track the state of your refrigerated and frozen goods if they’re at risk of spoilage. It is cloud-connected via wifi when there is power and optionally it can store/forward this data locally until power is restored.

The Arduino module utilizes two temp/humidity sensor to monitor the the freezer and refrigerator sections, and if it detects that the wifi has been disconnected, it will retry with a delay before simply storing the measurement. Once it reconnects, it posts these temperatures to a LAMPStack database. It will also have LEDs to visually warn the user if the refrigerator or freezer ever exceed published thresholds for food safety.